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Chameleon Bases, Our Modular Design

Your Choice of Style

Premier? Pinnacle? Our Chameleon line is the most versatile, tech friendly system in the market. Whether you want a foot rest or not, the Chameleon line is available to suit your individual needs. Wood & metal tops, end panels, and fronts are available and easily interchangeable to tailor to your custom design.

Removable Tops
Chameleon bases allow for easy changeable tops, without the need to purchase a new base. An easy switch from metal to wood, adaptable mounting or pre-punched patterns.

Top Nose
Top & Nose

Adaptable Mounting
Chameleon's feature sliding adjustable mounting brackets designed to adapt to virtually all gaming. Strongest top in the industry weighing in at 15 pounds! This is an AEP exclusive, patents pending.

Adaptable Mounting
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